Stephen F. Murray
Director & Playwright

Ben Franklin & Baron von Steuben vs. the Paine County School Board

by Danielle Dresden


TAPIT new works

Madison, WI

May 6-21, 2016


Individuals of all political persuasions invoke the “Founding Fathers” to justify their positions – but have you ever wondered what the Founding Fathers themselves would think?      

    The play is inspired by a little-known historical fact – Baron von Steuben, the Revolutionary War hero credited with transforming the Continental Army into a force capable of beating the British, was a gay man. When a history teacher in the fictitious Paine County School District teaches this, and conservative school board members get wind of it, the stage is set for dramatic confrontation.     
    All this proves a bit much for Franklin and von Steuben, who’ve been observing the action from the Great Beyond. They decide to risk intervening in contemporary affairs to set the record straight, successfully transforming controversy into comedy and demonstrating that even if history doesn’t repeat itself, it will still try almost anything to get your attention.

Baron Von Steuben (Donna Peckett) and Ben Franklin (Danielle Dresden)
Jamie (Krystal Lonsdale) and Kit (Isaac Brieske)
Gilbert (Francisco Torres) and Jamie (Krystal Lonsdale)
School board chair Nancy (Liz Light) lectures principal George Richmond (Isaac Brieske)


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