Stephen F. Murray
Director & Playwright

Gadzooks! Cinderella

an original panto by Nick Schweitzer

with additional lyrics by Stephen F. Murray and Alex Lingren

Mercury Players Theatre 

at Stoughton Village Players, Stoughton, WI

December 4 & 5, 2015

at the Bartell Theatre, Madison, WI

December 11-19, 2015

Nick Schweitzer's original Panto infuses new life into the holiday tradition. This is not your normal Cinderella but rather a Monty Python-esque romp through the classic fairytale complete with cross dressing, pies to the face, and dancing cows. Mercury Players Theatre is starting a new Madison holiday tradition.

"...the show is a new tradition to be a part of during the holiday season. Not everything has to be Tiny Tim and "Humbug." Many thanks to Mercury Players Theatre for reminding us of that."

Amanda Finn - Broadway World

Alec Moser and Alex Singer as the Stepsisters and Max Ducey as the Stepmother
Stephanie Frank as Cinderella and Cara Shields as the Fairy Godmother.
Kyra McFarland as Prince Charming and Stephanie Frank as Cinderella
Alex Lingren as the Mayor and Max Ducey as the Stepmother
Alex Singer as a Stepsister and Drew Lehman as the Baker

Winner of the special Bartie Award for Director of the Best Stage Exit

Eight Additional Nominations: Best Lead Actress in a Comedy (Stephanie Frank), Best Lead Actress in a Comedy (Kyra McFarland), Best Feature Actor in a Comedy (Alex Lingren), Lighting Design (Taylor Kokinos), Best Costume Design (Marie Schulte), Best Music Direction (Alex Lingren), Best Choreography (Ren Kaspar) and Best Poster Design