Stephen F. Murray
Director & Playwright

Spring Awakening 

by Frank Wedekind


Promethean Theatre Ensemble

at the Artistic Home,  Chicago, IL

April 17 - May 9, 201


Design process links:  scenic costumes , and  masks .

Photos courtesy of Tom McGrath and  TCMcG Photography

Frank Wedekind's play about the dawning of teen sexuality was seen as revolutionary in 1891 Germany and censored until well into the 1950's. The story follows four teenagers as they attempt to navigate growing up in a world where the adults try too hard to shield them from the world. This coming of age story deals with all the hard hitting topics: sex, abuse, teen pregnancy, homosexuality, masturbation, and suicide. Promethean's production will prove that Wedekind's classic drama is up-to-date as we are dealing with the same issues to this day.

     Since this piece was created as a ensemble piece with a company of mid-20's actors the decision was made to perform the adult roles in masks. Each actor played at least one adolescent and one adult. Not only do the masks help differentiate between the two, they help the audience see the world of the play through the adolescent's eyes. As we age we acquire things: experience in addition to prejudices, fears, inhibitions, and other wounds that no one can see. The masks are a literalization of the baggage adults carry around with them. Sometimes alien - sometimes monstrous - always hiding part of who we really are.



Murray’s production plays it stripped-down and raw.”

Kerry Reid

Chicago Reader

Spring Awakening comes to life under Stephen Murray’s insightful direction… an exquisite piece of theatre; timeless and universal.”

Sarah Terez Rosenblum

CenterStage Chicago

Director and adapter Stephen F. Murray has mounted an emotionally rich production… This show is fine theater.”

Tom Williams

Nick Lake as Melchior
Sarah Gorsky as Ilse and Tyler Rich as Moritz
Devon Candura as Wendla and Jes Bedwinek as Mrs. Bergman
Jessica London-Shields as Mrs. Stiefel and Tyler Rich as Moritz
Nick Lake as Melchior and Devon Candura as Wendla