Stephen F. Murray
Director & Playwright

The Darling Children

by Ivan Faute

Tiffani Swaley as Kathleen

New York International Fringe Festival 

at Flaboyan Theatre, New York, NY

August 8-17, 2008

After Peter Pan left for Neverland, his sister weren’t so lucky. When imagination intrudes on their lives, no one can predict what luck, or violence, might emerge. A surreal drama about being forced to leave “never grow up” behind.

    This story, written by Ivan Faute in reaction to the inherent violence in the original stage-play of Peter Pan, questions whether or not this story should be meant for our children. In a world where nothing is explained, the characters struggle to grasp onto any scrap of reality to help them chart their way to happiness. The nightmare crescendos as we find that brother Peter has been dead for years and kept alive only in the imaginations of his family.


Murray has built a dark alternative to Neverland, where the imagination is squelched and nothing is possible.”

Mark DeFrancis –

Murray draws out an assortment of characters that redefine dysfunctional.’”

Andy Propst –

Dan Taube as Father, Nick Lake as Michel, and Tiffani Swaley as Kathleen
Erin Robinson as Mother, Lindsay Weisberg as Marianne, Tiffani Swaley as Kathleen, and Carrie Hardin as Aurora